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Acta FF ZČU, 2022, Vol. 14 (1) - Full Issue


Jan Klik:
Hijrah of Our Time: Islamic Concept of Religious Emigration in Contemporary Salafism

Maryam Olamaiekopaie, Ehsan Arzroomchilar:
Tabātabā’i: Theory of Iʿtibāriyyāt and His Political Philosophy

Kristýna Blechová:
Reciprocita a reprodukce sociálního kapitálu v kontextu kmotrovských vazeb

Dagmar Koláříková:
K otázce adaptace lexému instagram v českém a francouzském jazyce



Acta Fakulty filozofické Západočeské univerzity v Plzni / West Bohemian Review of Social Sciences & Humanities is an on-line journal published bi-annually by the Faculty of Arts, University of West Bohemia. The journal seeks to be a platform for developing theoretically and methodologically original scientific discussions and publishes original and double-blind peer-reviewed manuscripts in social sciences, humanities and related scientific fields. The journal welcomes texts representing not only individual disciplines but also (and even primarily) interdisciplinary texts that help deepen the debate across the wide spectrum of social sciences and humanities. In this respect, the journal is unique (not only in the Czech environment) making its role within interdisciplinary discussion irreplaceable.

The journal accepts texts in English, Czech and Slovak. Acta is an open-access journal and does not have article processing nor article submission charges.

ISSN (on-line): 2336-6346

Contact: Vladimír Naxera (vnaxera@kap.zcu.cz) / Editor-in-Chief

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